Main Features of Our Traffic Support Structure Business

  1. We are professionals in processed pipes using our coordinated skills as a Trading Company specializing in steel pipes.
  2. A Fabless Pole manufacturer.
  3. Ability to accommodate each and every small items.
  4. Accommodate all scale projects from small to large.
  5. Provide Packaged offers of raw material, processing, galvanizing, and painting.
  6. Ability to provide designs swiftly with fine quality control by certified professionals.


  • Road Sign・Convex Mirror Supports

    Supports are hot dip galvanized as a rust preventative, and can also be coated with electrostatic powder made of Polyester Resin according to customer needs.
    Pipe processing such as curving and attaching to a base is also available.
    Our Electrostatic powder coating materials are made of extremely fine resin turned into paint and is very adhesive, resulting in strong rust prevention, strength, and element resistance.


  • Large Sign Supports

    We provide supports for Large Road signs, traffic signs, traffic lights to organizations such as MLIT, Expressway Companies, local municipalities and Prefectural Road Managing Companies, as well as design and coating of materials while considering landscape.

    • Example:F -Shape
    • Example:WF -Shape
    • Example:Arch Gate Shape
  • Metal Fixtures

    We manufacture and sell metal fixtures such as clamps for attaching large traffic signs to support beams, clamp fixtures to connect guardrails to sign posts, and fixtures for pedestrian bridges.
    We can manufacture and suggest designs suitable to the current status of the existing fixtures.

    • Example
    • Example
    • Joint Shapes
  • Noise Barrier Materials

    Our noise barrier material range includes unified type panels, transparent panels for sunlight, camouflaged panels that cover the back in colored plates for it blend into the background.
    We also provide order made supports and pipe piles.

    • Example


We create high quality materials at reasonable prices due to our packaging ability from order to delivery.
All items are safety assured due to a thorough quality control.

Introduction to our Design Section

At our design section, we create strength calculation sheet and drawing for a variety of items supports such as large and small scale sign supports and metal fixtures.
Our designs and specifications are approved by organizations such as MLIT, Expressway Companies, local municipalities and Prefectural Road Managing Companies We also use 3D CAD in our design, which compared to 2D, enables us to see at an in depth scale as well as check the range of motion by each part.
In addition, we can calculate each part by the exact scale using the CAE analysis.
(CAE Analysis・・・a technique on the computer to calculate and simulate the wind load on each area) By using new technology, we strive to perfect our technique .

Manufacturing Process

Road Sign・Convex Mirror Supports

Electrostatic Powder Coating

Receiving Pipe Degreasing Hydro cleaning Derusting Hydro cleaning Coating Treatment Hydro cleaning Warm water cleaning Drying Electrostatic Powder Coating Heat Treating Inspection Packing Cargo Releasing
  • Before painting
  • Electrostatic Powder Coating
  • After painting(roadside)
  • After painting(convex mirror)

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Receiving Pipe Degreasing Hydro cleaning Hydrochloric Acid cleaning Flux Processing Drying Galvanizing Cooling Finishing Galvanizing Inspection Forming Final Inspection Packing Cargo Releasing
  • Degreasing
  • Flux Processing
  • Galvanizing
  • Galvanizing

Large Sign Supports

Drawing Material Order Material Delivery Marking Temporary Welding and Building Welding Finishing and Inspection Hot Dip Galvanizing Painting Final Inspection Cargo Releasing
  • Welding
  • Temporary Welding and Building
  • Inspection
  • Galvanizing
  • painting


Maintenance Business

Our company works to manufacture failsafe and long lasting traffic supports using our high quality design, manufacturing and quality control functions, in order to maintain the deteriorating infrastructure built after the era of rapid economic growth. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any issues regarding deteriorating infrastructure, we will provide a safe and reliable solution. (Failsafe・・・a system or design put in place to protect in time of disaster)

Epoxy Resin coated Steel Structures

As protection against salt damage for reinforced concrete, we can provide epoxy resin coating at 220+/-40μm which can protect against corrosion factors. Approved by JSCE standards, it is highly regarded from an economical and construction standpoint.

Paint Quality: JSCE「Epoxy Resin Coating for painting reinforced concrete standards(JSCE-E 104-2003)」 JSCE「Epoxy Resin Coating for touch up of reinforced concrete standards(JSCE-E 105-2003)」
Paint Film Quality: JSCE「Epoxy Resin Coating reinforcement standards (JSCE-E 102-2013)」approved.

Developed products

  • Temporary Traffic Barriers
    We design and manufacture temporary traffic barriers for use in disasters, flooding, or blocking off construction sites.
    These are wind resistant up to 40m/s, and can be installed alone without secondary supports.
    Barriers for Irregular Areas outside of the standard embedding type can also be manufactured / designed.