Contributing to a sustainable society

SANYO strives to provide customers with quality assured products for pipes in the Plant Construction field, through careful review and consideration of material/delivery requirements with customers and suppliers as well as a strict delivery management.
Given the current global movement to decrease CO2 by using solar power, wind power, biomass electricity, hydrogen and Ammonia instead of coal, we supply pipes in the renewable energy field.

In addition to the above, our 6 domestic warehouses enable us to fulfill customer needs for immediate delivery within Japan.
We can also source and propose package deliveries of fittings, flanges, valves, and accessories such as bolts as well as outsource painting and machining.
Our main source of manufacturer is the trustworthy NIPPON STEEL (for which we are a primary designated trading company), however we can offer other high quality manufacturers both domestic and international according to each customer's specific needs.

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by reliable products and fine service

SANYO CO.,LTD. supplies various steel pipes to numerous customers for use as cylinders, frames, shafts, and pistons in construction machinery , industrial equipment and automobiles.
At each distribution center, steel pipe inventory is treated with special coating and surface finishing before on-time delivery as components for use in construction machines, industrial machines, vehicles, and other applications.
As pipe professionals, we provide close-network support to our customers, ensuring they are able to consult with us and that are able to utilize our good product knowledge to support with customers from the product development stage.

Our steel pipe warehouses are also equipped with processing machines, meaning we have established a system that allows for detail support, from repeat orders to quick turnaround times, small lot orders, and the production and delivery of products requiring special processing.

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Helping a safe
and environmental friendly "urban development"

SANYO CO.,LTD. operates steel pipes business as a method of reinforcement building foundations.

In addition to our inventory lineup of steel pipes and supplementary products, we also work in the development, and sale of rated construction methods which is certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism.

Through our system of inventory distribution and processing centers as well as years of accumulated know-how, we achieve on-time delivery and meet the needs of our customers.
Through these products and services, we support environment gentle-friendly, safe, and secure urban development.

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Connecting people and our city through
traffic support structures

SANYO contributes to the traffic support structure related processed product field as an experienced trading company with packaging functions.

Specifically, we provide traffic sign and convex mirror supports, highway noise barrier materials, accessories, as well as design manufacture and support sale of steel frames to government affiliated traffic companies. The main clients include MLIT, Expressway Companies, and Prefectural Road Managing Companies.
From managing raw product manufacturing to processing, galvanizing, painting and delivery we have a totalized system with certified experts managing each procedure in order to provide quality products.
As a company with top notch design functions in the Traffic sign field equipped with 3DCAD for BIM/CIM purposes, we are able to design and propose a highly effective and creative solution to meet customer needs.

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